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NC015 Breaker Replacement Program
Potential problems on certain NC015 and NC015CP Breakers may exist
Schneider Canada has announced a Voluntary Replacement Program of circuit breakers, they are concerned that some breakers MAY NOT TRIP.
The affected circuit breakers are Federal Pioneer NC015 and NC015CP, Single Pole Rated 15A, Stab-Lok Circuit Breakers - Manufactured between August 1, 1996 and June 11, 1997.
These circuit breakers can be identified by a Square / rectangular shaped BLUE coloured handle.
Replacement breakers are identified by a hole drilled in the handle (Blue colour)
Replacement breakers manufactured after January 1, 1999 are identified with a rounded and ribbed handle (Blue colour)
Check for a square / rectangular handle with a hole, as illustrated or a rounded / ribbed handle these are OK and not impacted by the recall notice.
Breakers with black handles are also OK to use and not impacted by the recall notice.