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Thank you for checking us out. Let's face it, you are putting your trust into a person who is going to inspect, report, and review your single largest purchase that you will ever make. The scary part, is that you are dealing with an unregulated industry. Anyone can call themselves a home inspector. You want to make sure that you are going to hire someone who is fully qualified for the job, goes through the home with great detail, and provides you a fully written report that will not leave you scratching your head. Blue Jay home Inspections falls into that category and offers the most “comprehensive home inspection available”. Whereas, many inspection companies simply do not.

 We use Infrared Thermal Imaging & Hi-Tech Equipment to assist us in uncovering problems within the house, that may go unnoticed by the naked eye. Other sophisticated electronic testing devices are used if deemed appropriate, such as Gas leak detectors, Boroscope (a water proof camera on a flexible lead) for looking into dark and inaccessible spaces. Digital moisture meters to help identify leakage of water into the property. The use of this extra equipment goes beyond, and above the standards of practice for home inspections. We see this, as adding value for our clients.

We start at the roof and evaluate not only the roof surface, but also the chimney, the ventilation system, the electrical service entrance, the plumbing stack, and any other systems or components located on the roof. Our next step is to inspect the exterior of the home. We use a macro and micro approach to look at both the big picture and all the details.

We then move  inside the house, and starting at the bottom, work our way up through the home into the attic. While inside, we address such things as the structure, the heating and cooling systems, the electrical and plumbing systems, the interior finishes, the insulation and ventilation, and accessories such as fireplaces. For a more detailed list of our thorough home inspection, please click here.

Our evaluation is then communicated through a detailed inspection report, which includes descriptions of all the systems in the home, as well as any recommended improvements. This will help you prioritize the improvements and develop a blueprint for your future in the home.

Best of all, our services don't end with the inspection. For as long as you own the home, you can call with any additional questions  - at no extra charge!

Is there a difference if this is my first home?

Yes, if it is your first home we will go more in depth in systems that you might not be familiar with. First time home buyers will not be fully aware of how to maintain a roof or how electricity is charged, or even what needs to be taken care of before winter comes.

TYPES OF INSPECTIONClick on the relevant Link below for detailed information.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspections by the Buyer

      Pre-Listing Home Inspections by the Seller

Maintenance Home Inspections

       Inspection of new homes, as warranties are about to expire


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